Dec.11.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New HT92112/HT92122 Low Current OPA and HT92632/HT92652 High Precision OPA Series


Holtek New HT92112/HT92122 Low Current OPAFollowing the introduction of the HT92232/HT92252 families of general purpose operational amplifiers, Holtek is now delighted to extend the range by introducing its new HT92112/HT92122 low current operational amplifiers and the HT92632/HT92652 high precision operational amplifiers. These new series of OPA devices provide customers with even more options for their application products. For example, the low current OPA series can be widely used in products which require low power consumption, such as wearable products, temperature measurements and battery measurements, etc., while the high precision OPA series can be widely used in applications that require high precision amplification such as instrumentation, professional acoustic equipment, medical equipment, etc.

The HT92112/HT92122 low current OPA series offer an input operating voltage of 1.4V to 5.5V and a low quiescent current of 600nA, making them suitable for battery-powered and handheld applications. The HT92112 provides a frequency bandwidth of 14kHz while the HT92122 provides a frequency bandwidth of 100kHz.

The HT92632/HT92652 high precision OPA series offer an input operating voltage of 2.0V~5.5V and a low offset voltage of 10μV, making them suitable for applications which require high precision. The HT92632 provides a frequency bandwidth of 300kHz and a quiescent current of 30μA while the HT92652 provides a frequency bandwidth of 1.5MHz and a quiescent current of 500μA.

These two new product series both support rail-to-rail input and output operation and also provide an operating temperature of -40 °C ~ 85 °C which meets with industrial performance requirements. The devices are supplied in 8-pin SOP/MSOP small package types with each package containing 2 OPAs. As these packages utilise industry standard OPA pin formats they can be used as a direct replacement other types of OPAs.