Dec.4.2017-【ASEAN】HOLTEK New HT45F0060 RGB Color LED Dimming Control MCU


HOLTEK New HT45F0060 RGB Color LED Dimming Control MCUHoltek is pleased to announce the release of its new small package RGB color LED dimming control MCU, the HT45F0060. Aimed firmly at color LED applications, the device includes fully integrated RGB color LED driver circuits as well as a single line cascading transceiver interface. The device can be used as a single host controller to drive RGB color LEDs or by cascading multiple devices together they can be used to implement a wide variety of dynamic lighting effects. These special characteristics make the device suitable for use in applications such as neon lights, breathing lights, aromatherapy machines, dimming lights, gaming mice, RGB light bars, water lights, etc.

The HT45F0060supports a 4 segment current source selection of 5, 15, 35 and 60mA which further enhance the flexibility of the device making it suitable for use in a huge range of lamp types. The device also includes three groups of 10-bit PWM generators each of which can have 1024 different programmable brightness levels. This means that if a dot is composed of the three RGB colors, it can effectively display up to 1 billion different colors. In addition, a single line cascading transceiver interface is provided to allow stage-to-stage cascading connection control, thus implementing an independent RGB LED color configuration function. With regard to packaging, the HT45F0060is supplied in both 8-pin DFN/SOP and 10-pin SOP small package types. These extremely small package outlines make them especially suitable for various applications where space is at a premium.

In order to assist designers with rapid develop their HT45F0060based product applications, Holtek naturally also provides a comprehensive suite of hardware and software development tools as well as an HT45F0060light bar application example. The hardware development tool is known as the e-Link which works together with an OCDS structured evaluation MCU, to provide designers with an actual MCU device on which full emulation and debug can be implemented. The software development tool is known as the HT-IDE3000, which includes features such as real time emulation, full memory and register access and hardware breakpoints complete with logical setups, trace analysis etc.